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Convertiblesss 17-07-2018 20:12

Help needed with mk3 Convertible
Hello everybody, I have a problem, once the engine has warmed up (seems to be oil temp related), it stops. It doesn't matter if you're driving or stationary, and you can't keep it running with extra throttle!

I have noticed the fuel gauge rises slightly before it drops a bit again and then second later the engine stops. In a very nice manner, I suspect the sparks stop and then the ecu shuts off the fuel pump. As if you would turn the key off.

Or maybe the other way around..?

I have already replaced or renewed or tested the following.

relay 30/167
contact block
ignition coil and wiring
crankshaft sensor
hall unit

HELP needed! haha

Or any suggestions that could point me in the right direction.


Convertiblesss 21-07-2018 16:11

After having replaced pretty much everything that could cause an engine to stall, the ecu has now become the main suspect! Also because my MFA stopped working.. I am looking for a working computer or somewhere where I can let it be repaired.. Affordably of course : )


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