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Old 23-01-2008, 19:43
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Default DIY enkele wisser Golf2 (engels)

DIY Full Sweep Single Wiper for Golf MK2

The first thing to do is to remove both the wiper arms from the car by removing the 10mm nuts.
Then you remove the two large nuts holding the wiper assebly to the car. These are located below where the two 10mm nuts used to be, and are about 22mm or someting like that.
You will then have to open the bonnet and remove the plastic sheeting covering the wiper-assembly.
Then you remove the one 10mm bolt holding the wiperframe to the bulkhead, unhook the wires and the two long rods connecting the motor to the two wiper spindles. These just pop off from the motor-crankarm when you use enough force, but be carefull not to bend them.
After that you just remove the entire wiperframe and motor-assembly. You probably have to twist it a little to get it out, but it shouldn't be a problem.
Now remove the wiper spindle (the one that the wiper arm is screwed onto) on the side you won't be using anymore. After that, remove the crank arm fitted to the spindle on the wiper-motor. It should look something like this:

This needs to be cut and a metalpiece added by welding, in order to extend it by 10mm (about 0,4 inches). DO NOT EXTEND IT MORE THAN THIS!!
This is what makes the wiper make a full sweep, and is what seperates the good from the bad DIY wipers. Weld it according to above picture

Put the assembly together and revolve the linkage to see if anything touches the wiperframe, if so, use a grinder to remove some excess metal, so that it revolves freely. When it does, put everything back together and install it on the car. The hole in the bodywork left by the removed spindle should be plugged with a rubber plug/cap. The re-welded crank-arm and the wiper arm should now be adjusted to get the desired parking postition, either diagonal or straight up the front screen.
It would also be advisable to get a straight wiper-arm, and a bigger blade. If you can't buy a straight wiper arm, you can get a normal bent one form a Golf mk2 from a breaker-yard. The two arms are different length, if you are to have the wiper parked on the side which is the shortest distance from the centre hole, remember to get the shortest one, so you can have a bigger wiper-blade. In order to straighten the wiper arm, you need to put it in a vice and spend some time with a hammer and the vice inorder to straighten it. If you can heat it up, this would make it far more easy, but I myself did it without heat, so it's possible.

Good Luck!!
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