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  1. USA GTI 8V
  2. a WELCOME picpost
  3. just whoring my car
  4. AFR and other gauges for A2s...
  5. US Invasion
  6. Tron: Detailing; Before & After + Bonus Celebrity Pic (56k no way!)
  7. Hi!! I'm new here!!! from Spain
  8. Dutchmania linked on Vortex
  9. Ultimate low-quality pchops of people in their mk2s
  10. About VWMS part numbers
  11. the end of my mk2Golf era
  12. All MK2 forum
  13. caption this:
  14. sometimes I get bored
  15. DIY backlit gauges
  16. Nice swap
  17. so, how much is the Yen worth?
  18. bahahahahaha nice bodykit
  19. How to solve >299999km problem in DIGIFIZ?
  20. 1990 mk2 golf auto FS online, $52,000.00!!!
  21. Tron update: INTL WHEEL TRADING GTG APRIL 13th!:cool:
  22. Tron's Illegal Day Trip to JS Performance, unique flaw & spotted pics
  23. mk2 rwd, mid engine burnout (momentum motorsports)
  24. They won't let me buy my part!!
  25. hi from Canada. Check my daily beater.
  26. Pic request: Golf with 19" Wheels
  27. damn.. this is hot...
  28. talking about old school
  29. is this guy for real??
  30. ever seen these rims (wolfraces)
  31. put it in the wrong section, I think
  32. some nice desktop worthy 1983 mk2 pics
  33. found a great write-up about blue LED gauge lights
  34. Any info on this interior?
  35. i can safely say: this is the most extreme mk2 i've ever seen
  36. what wheels are these??
  37. for dutchman
  38. new exhaust idea,... hey it was cheap
  39. is US-spec still popular across the pond?
  40. Inlet Size of 16v
  41. mk2 Jetta 2005
  42. Wrong Car?
  43. YESSS bottlecaps can look cool
  44. mk2 quartermile---> 11.35 movie
  45. Daily Driver Replacement = MIVW.NL copy at 0.000001% of the cost
  46. bahah, some-one actually bought one
  47. New US member
  48. Porsche Power
  49. Jetta Country
  50. New member and my car
  51. Flat Black Skull Car
  52. Glowplug help needed!
  53. [janice voice] OH.... MY.. GOOOOOODDDDDDD [/janice]
  54. New member
  55. My friends ride Golf Rallye VR6 Syncro
  56. 16V-G60 Limited engine for sale on Ebay.de
  57. Hey guys...
  58. Hey Check THis OuT!!!!
  59. I feel a bad thing coming...
  60. survey shows: mk2 drivers get the girl, bikers are gay
  61. FNG here
  62. Another Newbie and her mk2
  63. mk2 incar racing vid
  64. Color Code
  65. The fastest Golf in Germany?
  66. Anyone seen a new Beetle dash in an mk2?
  67. gotta love attention to detail
  68. A blast fromt the past: The Low Thing
  69. cheap shipping any-one?
  70. Hot diggity damn
  71. Croatian Golf Mk2 on 18" with crazy colour
  72. Yes I’m the pirate pilot
  73. -=my new golf need help!! =-
  74. New member and my golf
  75. this thing is brand new
  76. new dubber and my car
  77. Converting car color to RGB color
  78. show me your MKII
  79. my fav. coupe is wheelless..
  80. My new wheels
  81. AWD VR6 in the snow (movie)
  82. what are the differences between 16v scirocco2 and 16v golf2 gti
  83. newbie in need
  84. some brides have stile...
  85. Tjaap asked for updates...
  86. In search of more HORSEPOWER!
  87. Golf MK2 TDI Project
  88. my dead mk2
  89. between which years did vw produce Golf 2 GTi 16v with KR engine ?
  90. rallye coupe
  91. what are the performance figures of Golf 2 GTi 16v and G60 ?
  92. damn hot Jetta project
  93. little update on a few small projects
  94. My project: VW Golf II 16vG60 turbo (many pics)
  95. hella foglights
  96. Ouch
  97. I wan't it badlyyyyyyy
  98. new Jetta tails
  99. Jetta Carat
  100. Hi i am new to international vw
  101. The Ultimate Golf is for sale
  102. 10.8 second mk2
  103. Calling all with knowledge of DIGIFIZ
  104. rims for my ride!
  105. pics of my dub finally finished i think maybe
  106. Golf 2 with VR6....need help...
  107. European Motor Code Info
  108. 250 hp TDI in Golf 2
  109. Mk2 16v Starting problems
  110. Replacing starter motor
  111. hi, I'm new to this forum and i have a litle question
  112. Suspension Woes !
  113. MK2 16v Water Leak
  114. Double VR6 powered MK2 from Croatia
  115. silly question
  116. well.. seriously..
  117. Digifiz users
  118. MK5 GTI Engine in MK2
  119. My friends MK2 VR6
  120. looking for G60 arches
  121. My MK2 with Audi 3.2 TT motor
  122. My MK2 16v
  123. anybody got a printer
  124. MK2's from my friends... (no 56k)
  125. Batan is in europe...
  126. Check this out...
  127. Let me itroduce my mk2 valver and myself
  128. How to convert 1.3 Mk2 to 2.8 24V V6 4motion
  129. 16v GTI CIS-E ISV
  130. wheel bearing
  131. first view on here
  132. Need wiring help
  133. check this out, it's different, and i LOVE it
  134. Lancia wiper
  135. A few pics of my Ed 1 g60
  136. mk2 from Poland
  137. so this is what taylor should have done.
  138. best jetta ever
  139. cool rally project
  140. haha..this is great..
  141. Any suggestions on what is wrong?
  142. don't you just love countries without yearly tests..
  143. good site
  144. holy sleeper batman
  145. full carbon mk2
  146. DIY Shiftframe
  147. MK2 Golf Wheel Arch Trim
  148. Been a while
  149. oh my, more norwegian crazyness
  150. after the weird canadians and the crazy norwegians.
  151. Singleframe front end...
  152. Wanna talk about weird? This Golf makes you wanna puke
  153. my mk2.... well 1 of them...
  154. Mk2 Golf/Jetta Boot Release
  155. Jetta-mk2 In Beijing
  156. now that's an upgrade
  157. rims
  158. My Jetta MK2 from Germany
  159. My Jetta mk2 Coupe!
  160. OMG, look what's on ebay UK
  161. the night of The Forbidden City
  162. my jetta mk2 vr6
  163. Omfg
  164. no flowers, no visits please
  165. i want, i need.... must have,,,...
  166. let me introduce myself
  167. Presentation of the Portuguese dubber!
  168. intro
  169. another one bites the dust
  170. "Junkyard Escapee" GTI 16V from Hungary!
  171. VW Jetta Coupe From Hungary
  172. MK2 S3 from Croatia
  173. a very rare sight
  174. 16vg60 kit
  175. Updated pics of my 92 jetta GL
  176. Digifant 2 plug fouling problem
  177. Hey new to the forum!!
  178. single wiper conversion
  179. Amish Raga's - GTI 16V from South Africa
  180. hi, i'm new here, i'm from South Africa and i built me a gti!
  181. New German search widened Steelies!
  182. The Rallye Golf Registry
  183. the Rallye Golf's Unidentified
  184. the Rallye Golf's of GERMANY
  185. the Rallye Golf's of FRANCE
  186. The Rallye Golf's of the UK
  187. the Rallye Golf's Other Countries
  188. the Rallye Golf's of the US
  189. The Rallye's of Volkswagen Motorsport
  190. The Rallye Golf's of NORWAY
  191. The Rallye Golf's of BELGIUM
  192. help with APK
  193. bigger front brakes
  194. restored golf rallye (Spain)
  195. Winter Mode.
  196. Greatings from Germany, my MK2 Coupe and my Fathers GT Special
  197. been awhile since i last posted
  198. the project.
  199. MK2 VR6 help
  200. Troublesome ABS system
  201. Help mk2 golf gtd glow plug problems
  202. Which springs and shocks for a Syncro?
  203. just a few of my Gli
  204. Electrical problems, trying to identify some wires and plugs
  205. Vincent Van golf can you help...
  206. mk2 golf engine mod
  207. Digifiz wiring instructions
  208. ma golf rallye g60
  209. hello, new member from nj--here is my 92 gti build thread
  210. Ken's mk2 gti 1987
  211. Hoi im back :)
  212. hello from the UK
  213. RWD Jetta.. this thing is awesome
  214. windshield
  215. Rallye from Bulgaria
  216. 1552 introduces "double up"
  217. vw jetta vr6 2.8 AAA BG
  218. Mk2 VWMS Grp A - Detailed Information Please
  219. Anybody know more about this mk2?
  220. Jetta MK2 Modelcar built
  221. My father's '88 GTI
  222. [mkII] clocks speed
  223. 5x100 Show What You Got
  224. Rallye with '88 build date
  225. New Here (jetta MKII coupe) Wolfsburg Edition
  226. VW Golf MK2 GTI For Rally car
  227. help want a transplant cant decide whats best
  228. MK2 from Germany
  229. My GTI, I'm the original owner, USA
  230. What Colour is This!?
  231. Jetta mk2 from Russia
  232. blueprints of the vw golf 2 1300cc
  233. Now that's a project!!
  234. Looking for info on Golf Country
  235. the Mk2 Jetta is the safest car in the world
  236. MK2 Gti Fire&Ice Modell!!
  237. Silver Mk2 Gtd Golf
  238. Where to get RHD MKII aircon evaporator???!
  239. Beige MK2 from Germany
  240. Just registered from America
  241. Want A/C in your Rallye ?
  242. "Happich style" Jetta pop-outs!!
  243. DODmanSOJU Golf mk2 TD (SB) project
  244. Golf 2 '89 - Old School
  245. Milage reprogramming in my digifiz.
  246. I need a small trim piece for my Rallye Golf
  247. 1992 GTI 16V - Digifiz, Ferrari, Stand alone
  248. Who needs Rallye sills?
  249. wanted Mudflaps
  250. golf 2 synchro problem